Tuesday, February 5, 2013

OSFP Errata

As any author will tell you, there are always a few minor (and at times not so minor) errors that show up after publication.  Sadly, I have not been immune to this and the errors I am aware of are listed below.
Sincerely and with apologies,

page 77 

Caption at top right should read "American rifle featuring American, French, possibly English and or Dutch components."

page 131 

Letter from Peter Schuyler to William Shirley should be in the New Jersey section, not that of New York. 

page 165 

Benjamin Rogers horn.  Although there was a Virginia Provincial Soldier named Benjamin Rogers, information in the form of a very similar horn (inscribed Freeborn Hamilton most likely a man from Kent County, Rhode Island) has come to light since publication. The stylistic similarities point towards both horns originating from the same hand.  The attribution originally published seems to be incorrect, and barring further information the Rogers horn is likely a Rhode Island piece.